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Hello, I'm Jamel de la Fuente, I'm a backend developer with 3 years’ experience. My expertise is development with .Net MVC, .net Web-api, NoSQL and R. I love to design software on an architectural level and making decisions about technical implementations and libraries that’s needed for the software. I have worked on different projects during my study and work, the companies I have worked for CoolGames, Qubics and now for Suitsupply as Junior .Net developer.

Colleagues know me as a developer with highly communicative skills I always communicate about the progress of the software development. This makes the team stronger and delivers in the end more reliable, stable software. I’m also known about my strong research skill, when solving problems, I never stop when problem is solved to approach this I read always the documentation and building test cases based on the software specifications.

I’m currently Studying at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I expect to reach my bachelor degree summer 2018.

I pursue new opportunities and can be reached either through this profile or by mail at: jamel.fuente@gmail.com

Latest Projects


IDO-laad - Amsterdam University of Applies Sciences
(September 2016 - January 2017)

For the research group IDO-laad, I worked in a group of six people to create reports in RShiny for all the cities in The Netherlands about the usage of chargepoints for electric cars. We also did as group research to the data of the chargepoints, we developed data mining solution(s) in R and used Mongodb for this. I was responsible for the data mining techniques, research for a SQL database transition to Mongodb and using R with it.

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Scibu - Qubics BV
(May 2015 - February 2016)

My task was to reinvent the user interface for Scibu and update them with a new one,synchronously I alos updated the used technologies. From webpage server requests to javascript client-side events. I also built a new module, the oppotunitymanager for the customers of Scibu to make the sales more trackable and to give a clear status of the deal(s).

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Defend The Tower

BlackBook Games - Co-founder/Software Engineer
(July 2014 - July 2015)

BlackBook Games was a new company by two aspiring students that have a passion for making games. We were specialized ourselves in making simple, fun 2D HTML5 games. And licensed our games to publishers, I was the Co Founder and programmer at BlackBook Games. I programmed all the games and did also the licensing part. We released the game Defend The Tower on the Windows Marketplace.

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Software Engineer - Boostermedia(Coolgames)
(January 2012 - August 2014)

Testing third-party HTML5 games on different smartphone operating systems and browsers, implementing ads into games, detecting and removing bugs. Also programming tools for internal projects, localization over 10 languages for companies from asia from our third-party HTML5 games.

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